SII Packages

Our range of services is designed to empower your business in the modern marketplace. While you focus on your core competencies, Section II provides the necessary know-how, and takes care of the digital details that help you achieve your objectives. Since no two businesses are the same, no two digital strategies are the same. We believe it’s vital to find a solution that is tailor-made for your specific business ecosystem. The process starts by figuring out the right questions to ask.

Section Two packages for visionary game changers,

adventurous entrepreneurs, and badass business leaders.

Discovery Session

Explore Your Opportunities

The Discovery Session is a 1-hour session which Section Two offers to new clients and existing client with new projects.

The purpose of the session is to understand the business and explore the opportunities in the market which will help Section Two to discover what are their current challenges and recommend the most suitable package to start with.

The discovery session also considered a short consultation session to ask for business and marketing advice or to explore a certain idea.

All Section Two packages start with a Discovery Session and it cost BD29.

Solution Focused Brainstorming

Thinking inside the same box, with the same people is not truly brainstorming. Adding SII to the mix brings a fresh perspective. We run the brainstorming using innovative tools to get right out of the box. Book a session.

Line-up and connect the challenges to reveal one solution

Every business is a solution to somebody else’s problem, and this package is about innovating new practical solutions for your customers and your business. SII is all about opening doors.

To open the ‘doors of perception’ is the ultimate goal. During brainstorming, we help you discover new channels and opportunities. All of that starts with open minded discussions, that focus on bringing new creative solutions to the world, and help you solve those unique problems.

Service Pricing and Deliverables

SII conducts 2 sessions 3 hours per session using innovative Brainstorming tool that is solution focused after we identify your objective from the brainstorming session. SII will provide your team with an action plan supported with a free online collaboration tool for 2 weeks for BD360.



Startup and Marketing Tactics

Dear Startup Founder, If you are thinking “WTH did I get myself into?” Book a session

Startup and Marketing Tactics

About the Service
Startups don’t exist in a vacuum. They are connected to everything around them in the business and cultural ecosystem.
The most effective tool for survival is communication. That means effective marketing is the main area to focus on if you want your start-up get noticed, and if you want to start making money.
The Start-up package will show you how to grow your business and will drive your marketing into top gear. We provide you with an action plan that is supported by an online collaboration tool and marketing coaching.
During the process we create a task list, delegate, and assign responsibilities to the team. A timeline will be established on the spot during the sessions
Finally we identify those surprise challenges and obstacles that start-ups often come up against. To be prepared is to be unstoppable.

Service Pricing and Deliverables
SII conducts 8 coaching sessions on 8 weeks to guide the start-up founder to run his start-up effectively and avoid business mistakes. The client will develop business model canvas, a detailed marketing action plan using innovative tools supported an online collaboration tool for BD879.

Brand Personality

Meet the person behind your business

You logo is not your brand period.

About the Service

In this package, we develop a compelling persona that will guide your business and make it grow. Let your brand be your business leader.

Relationships are what keep people connected, and people connect with market personalities that they admire, and trust. They want a brand personality that they enjoy, one that teaches them something new, and provides them with new experiences in life. The best brands are almost like old friends.

Each person has a tone of voice, a fingerprint, body shape, character, face, style, skills, and values. Each personality sparks different emotions in us.

So what kinds of emotion does your brand personality evoke?

Service Pricing and Deliverables

SII conducts 4 sessions in 4 weeks, to develop a brand identity, a catchy slogan, values, mission, vision and a personality that will provide the business with clear direction.  You will receive a comprehensive brand identity canvas, with a  free professional branding brief to be shared with designers and creative agencies, for BD549.

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Customer Journey & Experience

What is the taste that your business provides that no other business can bring to the table?

They Remember, they feel, they talk, Control it

About the Service

Are your customers coming back? Repeat business is the bread and butter of most businesses.  You simply can’t exist without it.

What are clients saying about your business to others? How did they find your business? Was it by coincidence? Coincidence is not good enough.

This part of the process is aimed at designing your customer journey. We step through the journey from the first time they get to hear about your business and go through each point of contact. We want to ensure of maintaining a lifelong relationship. We design an effective 360-degree customer-centric journey.

The first step is to categorize your customer personas. We step into their shoes and find the thoughts, emotions, conversations, and process that will deliver happiness. This ensures a user experience that will satisfy your customers, make them come again, and recommend you to their friends.
Service Pricing and Deliverables

SII conducts 6 coaching sessions on 6 weeks to design the customer journey. The client will develop a detailed customer journey map using innovative tools supported with an action plan on an online collaboration tool for BD759.

Internal Marketing and Social Committee Activities

Transform your employees to miracle business solutions

About the Service:

Section Two provides services to SMEs and larger organizations focused on improving teamwork.Lead a positive culture change in your company by improving employees’ engagement and collaboration across departments. We achieve this by enhancing the social experience for your employees, and by providing them with events and activities plans to bring the employees together and improve internal knowledge about the company products, services, values, and brand to make your employees productive miracles and brand ambassadors.

Service Pricing and Deliverables

SII conducts a 3 days workshop to create a social committee team and guides them to prepare a proposal for the management approval to set the budget supported by a one-year action plan of activities with an online collaboration tool for BD777.

After the 3 days workshop a monthly follow-up meeting will be arranged on monthly basis to assist the team in the plan implementation for a subscription fee:

Subscription on monthly basis BD359
Subscription on quarterly basis BD977 “Save BD100”
Subscription on Annual basis BD3700 “Save BD608”

Our Sessions Are Empowered By

The MethodKits are analog tools designed to help you develop ideas, get an overview and work together in meetings & workshops.

The Brandling is a creative agency based in Nairobi, the hub of social enterprise and innovation. We combine the power of tools, training, and tribe to support changemakers in building the brand they deserve.

Transform Your Business

Mix and Grow

About Growth Mixology

Our premium package in the context of a highly collaborative solution innovation program, we offer any mix and match of two of Section Two Packages in-addition to 2 of Section Two premium add-ons sessions:

  • Marketing & PR Sessions.
  • Workshop Development Sessions.
  • Business Modeling Sessions
  • Product Development Sessions
  • App Development Sessions.
  • Web Development Sessions.
  • Team Development Sessions.
  • Book Development Sessions.

Service Pricing and Deliverables
Section Two conducts 12 coaching sessions on 12 weeks to focus on transforming your business to a market leader. The client will discuss the scope of work with Section Two after selecting 2 packages and 2 Premium Add-ons. The package will provide you with an action plan using innovative tools supported an online collaboration tool for BD1519.